Meryl S. Brown | Author



   Meryl S. Brown earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Education from Northeastern University. While an undergraduate, the work-study format required her to assist teens, which introduced her to the realm of tutoring. Meryl has never lost her love for helping others and currently does so in the areas of reading, English (with a special focus on writing), Social Studies, goal setting, and time management.

  From preschool to graduate school, students receive personalized and thoroughly customized lessons to:

  •  Strengthen current subject knowledge
  •  Navigate the college selection and application process
  •  Learn enhanced editing techniques for writing paragraphs, essays, research papers, and résumés
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   Her Master’s degree in Education (with a Specialization in Reading) rekindled Meryl’s love for story-telling. Writing stories with built-in lessons has become her forte.

   Several activities captivate Meryl when she’s not tutoring or writing. She loves to work out at a gym in a beach community and dreams of moving near that site. Actually, Meryl had no idea when she joined the gym that the organization had a connection with the Blue Zones Project. It zeroed in on several parts of the world where people live beyond 100 years old, with special focus on their diets, exercise, and life style decisions. Her fascination with the benefits of eating organic fruits, organic vegetables, quality grains, and wild fish catapulted her interest in clean eating. She jokes that her middle name is “olive oil.” (Breakfast is the only meal that doesn’t include olive oil.) When she works out, the insignia on her water bottle reflects one of her loves: jazz. Meryl often says if she were independently wealthy, she would tutor teens (at no charge) whose parents couldn’t afford her services. In her times off, she would travel around the world to attend jazz festivals. While growing up in Boston and shopping at Filene’s Basement, a haven for bargains, discount shopping became a joy-filled event during Meryl’s teen years and still continues to draw her attention.