Diana Date: The Backstory

     Mr. and Mrs. Desmond Date were parents and long-time residents of Fruitland. After graduating from high school, their oldest daughter, Diana, stayed in town to attend Fruitland University. Soon after she earned a degree in Business Management, Dawson Date, her grandfather, decided that it was time to retire as manager of the family business.
     Diana eagerly requested to take over his leadership position at Beach Bonanza. Since 1960, the store had focused on selling sports-related equipment, clothing, and footwear. As an avid runner, swimmer, and tennis player, she felt better suited to the position than her younger sister, Daniela, a self-absorbed ballerina.
     Dawson Date agreed, and each Monday through Saturday, Diana joyfully greeted her customers and thoroughly enjoyed serving them. She negotiated excellent prices with vendors, whose representatives visited the store monthly. Even if customers couldn’t attend the vendor events, sufficient samples were displayed near the appropriate sports section. Recently, a new company left a Velcro zipper package that could be attached to runners’ shoes. It was small enough to hold a key and ID, yet it wrapped around the laces to keep it secure.
     Every six months, she invited a different professional athlete to demonstrate a technique that would enhance shoppers’ skills. As a ticketed event, seats filled up quickly. Those who attended received discounts on store apparel.
     Each workday, Diana felt energized. It seemed that her career-path as the manager of Beach Bonanza brought her unlimited joy. Customers recognized it, and they constantly referred their friends.