Doug Gurwell: The Backstory

     Here I am, a devoted jazz lover who never learned to read music; yet, I am someone who can name a familiar tune in two notes. Whenever I meet people who are able to read and write music along with possessing the talent to sing and play multiple instruments, I am in awe.
     Most professional musicians focus on honing their skillful use of one instrument. However, Doug goes beyond that level, for he can play various types of keyboards, the trumpet, the bass, along with drumming. His musical expertise does not end there, since his five CDs contain songs that he has composed, arranged, and sung.
     While Yoshi, his wife, described “Da Coconut, Man!” to me, I knew that song would have an integral role in my second ebook. As I wrote, it became apparent that Benny Blueberry’s Vinyl Release Party needed a connection with Doug. Finding creative ways to weave the song and Doug into Friendship Changed Me became a true joy!