Hamilton Huckleberry, DJ

     When just five-years-old, Hamilton became fascinated by music and singing. Every morning, Hugo, his ten-year-old brother would awaken his baby brother by singing what he called “The Song of the Day.” Hamilton’s favorite became Friday’s song: “I Left My Heart in San Francisco.” He asked Hugo to teach him the words, which his brother lovingly did.
     As Hamilton’s parents looked forward to their son’s sixth birthday, Mr. and Mrs. Holden Huckleberry felt confused. Why would Huckleberry want a voice recording studio? Yes, Hamilton idolized his older brother, a great singer, but it seemed that Hugo would be the one requesting the voice recording studio. They didn’t know of the secret voice lessons Hamilton received each night before bed. Henrietta and Holden did hear singing coming from their sons’ room, but they falsely assumed that Hugo spent his time singing Hamilton to sleep.
     Since Henrietta and Holden deeply loved both of their sons, they honored Hamilton’s request. They figured that Hugo would dedicate some time to show Hamilton how to operate the sound system.
     Wow, were they wrong! Their youngest son easily learned how to operate the voice recording studio. When he began singing “I Left My Heart in San Francisco,” everything made sense. Huckleberry had been the singer who ended the day in song!
     “Hamilton, you sound wonderful!” Henrietta smiled and hugged her son. “I had no idea that you had such a wonderful voice.”
     “Son, all of the excitement in your voice, all of the emotion building up makes me think of a hurricane preparing to land.”
     “Thanks, Dad! I like that! Someday I plan to be DJ, Hamilton Huckleberry, the Sound Hurricane.”
     “You’re planning very far ahead, son. That’s a great goal. Let’s make certain that you graduate from high school as well Fruitland’s School for the Arts.”
     In fact, while a junior at Fruitland High School, Hamilton started his own DJ business. He called his group Hamilton Huckleberry, DJ Extraordinaire, and he always introduced himself as Hamilton Huckleberry, the Sound Hurricane. Serving as Hamilton’s manager, Hugo spent his days negotiating contracts for his in-demand, highly successful younger brother.