Stanley Squash: Always a Planner

     At an early age, Mr. and Mrs. Sloan Squash knew that Stanley, their oldest child, had SUCCESS written all over his life. Stanley taught the family’s puppy 10 commands and five tricks. Just amazing for a five-year-old! For his sixth birthday, Stanley requested a pocket planner. He wanted to keep track of his daily goals and accomplishments.
     Although eight, Stanley started his first business: a dog-walking service. He knew how to clearly communicate with his clients, how to make them feel valued. Of course, that translated into happy dogs, ones who seemed to hover near the front door, anticipating Stanley’s arrival. He even had a waiting list!
     Listening to his parents talk about saving money, sparked Stanley’s interest. Wondering what to do with his dog-walking funds occupied his mind.
     “Can I start a savings account, too? Am I too young, Mom and Dad? I want to get interest on the money I’m earning from my dog-walking business.”
     “Stanley, your mom and I are so very proud of your accomplishments! Starting a savings account is a wonderful idea. Let’s go to the bank this weekend so you can open an account.”
     “Thanks, Dad! I’m looking forward to starting my first savings account. I want to begin my college fund.”
     When Stanley left the kitchen, his parents shared a warm smile. Mrs. Squash looked a little puzzled, though.
     “Sloan, how did our eight-year-old Stanley ever get the idea that he needed to save for college? Surely, I’m pleased. I just don’t know how our son gets so many grown up ideas.” Sylvia Squash still seemed confused.
     “I think I know the reason. Remember his baby sitter, Samantha? At the time, Samantha Strawberry planned to enroll in night classes at Fruitland Community College (FCC). He asked her why she couldn’t go in the daytime. At five, Stanley understood that his beloved baby sitter had two jobs so she could save to reach her dreams.”
     “That’s right. I remember now. In fact, I saw Samantha’s mom at the market yesterday. Samantha just completed her classes at FCC, and she’ll be a junior at UC Santa Barbara next year. Not only that, Samantha earned a full scholarship and will be assisting the Dean of Entrepreneurship.”
     “Sweetie, we certainly selected the best baby sitter for Stanley!”
     On Saturday morning, Stanley got up early. By the time his parents entered the kitchen, he had already eaten his breakfast, cleaned up his dishes, and had just sat down at the table so he could write in his planner.
     “Oh, good morning, Mom and Dad! I can’t wait to go to the bank!”
     Mr. Squash hugged his son while saying, “We’re so proud of you.! Please give us a few minutes to have some coffee.”
     “That’s fine. I’m writing my goals and thinking about what I want to say to the banker.”
     Sylvia Squash smiled and put her arms around her oldest child. “Stanley, you’ve already made my day so special!”
     As they entered Fruitland Bank, the Squashes were welcomed by Manny Mango, the Financial Center Manager. He encouraged them to be seated near his desk.
     “Hello, how may I assist you this morning?”
     Carefully looking at the sign on my Mango’s desk, Stanley spoke first.
     “Hello, my name is Stanley Squash, and I want to open a savings account, Mr. Mango. But before I share its purpose, I’d like to know what the title ‘Financial Center Manager’ means.”
     “Good morning, Stanley. I know your parents well, and I’m certain that they are proud of your savings goal. As the Financial Center Manager, I’m in charge of everything that happens at this bank. I hire employees, I make certain that customers are pleased, things like that, Stanley.”
     “Thank you, Mr. Mango. You have an important role! I’m pleased to meet you. I’m certain that I’ll see you many times in the future. Today, I’ll be opening a savings account, one that will be set aside for my college fund.”
     “Stanley, that’s an excellent goal. Let’s have you and your parents complete the necessary forms.”
     “Today, Mr. Mango, my initial deposit is $300. I’ve been saving ALL of the money from my dog-walking business. What interest rate will my money earn? Can you offer me a certificate of deposit (CD) or some other option so my funds will earn the most interest?”
     Mr. and Mrs. Squash continued to be startled by the maturity of their eight-year-old son. They wondered what else he’d tell Mr. Mango.
     “Stanley, you’re asking wise questions. Let’s take a look at this brochure. Do you want to take it home to evaluate it with your parents?”
     “No, thank you, Mr. Mango. Please explain which option will yield the highest interest.”
     The Squashes and Mr. Mango dedicated quality time to Stanley’s decision. When the Squashes left the bank, everyone felt pleased, especially Mr. and Mrs. Squash. They knew with certainty that whatever goals their son set, he would reach.