Yoshi Gurwell and Fifi Fig: The Backstory

     Yoshi Gurwell, a classically trained pianist, began playing the piano at the age of four. She currently serves as a ballet pianist in multiple locations in Southern California. Her nine CDs reflect the depth of her skills along with a unique ability to arrange a variety of musical compositions.
     While I was formulating Friendship Changed Me, I shared with Yoshi that one of my newest characters, Fifi Fig, had suffered a tremendous disappointment. Although she considered herself to be a superior ballerina, her high-school ballet teacher obviously didn’t agree, since Fifi wasn’t selected to dance as the Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker Suite. That devastated the seventeen-year-old!
     Yoshi recommended that I review her Music for Ballet Lovers, Vol. 7, Precious Holiday Moments, her uniquely arranged music for The Nutcracker Suite. As Fifi cried about her devastating loss, she repeatedly listened to Yoshi’s “First Doll.” It’s my honor to share that song on my website.