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Forming New Friendships and our previous books:
Living the Coconut Life and Friendship Changed Me are all available as ebooks!
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Forming New Friendships ebook
SKU: 9781393825586

Benny Blueberry enlists the help of his friends to throw a surprise party for Hilda Honeydew Melon's birthday. When Nick Nectarine's Aunt Nancy becomes Benny's new nanny, the party planning process gets complicated. Although Nick and Benny are now friends, everyone still remembers how Nick treated Hilda when she first moved to Fruitland. Unexpected circumstances present Benny and the Nectarines with opportunities to grow and step into new roles as the party approaches.
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Friendship Changed Me ebook
SKU: 9781393454298

The ebook for Friendship Changed Me, the sequel to Living the Coconut Lifecontinues the adventures of old and new characters of the Fruitland community.
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Living the Coconut Life
SKU: 9781773420592

Coco and Candace Coconut are sisters who live in a vibrant beach community. Navigating a life full of friendships, school, and travel can be challenging. Wherever they go, Coco and Candace learn how to care about others, solve problems, and make wise decisions. Join these sisters and their colorful friends as they live the coconut life!

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Living the Coconut Life ebook
SKU: 9781386670346

Just like the paperback version, the Living the Coconut Life ebook contains all the adventures of Coco and Candace Coconut. This digital version can be read on your mobile devices so you can take it anywhere you may travel.
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